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About GAPs (Grief About Pets)  and 

Brenda Brown, Owner, Grief Specialist

GAPs (Grief About Pets, LLC) was launched in 2015 by Grief Specialist, Brenda Brown, MA, FT.   Brenda saw a huge gap in services being offered to support hurting pet parents and their families either before or after their pet dies. To help meet this need, Brenda started offering:  individual support sessions,  pet loss groups, and educational programs. 

Brenda has a Master's degree in thanatology and grief counseling, plus a fellowship from an international organization called ADEC (Association for Death Education and Counseling).  While earning those credentials, Brenda created a national human loss game for children called Doggone Grief. 

(Check it out on the web.)

Recently to expand her veterinary knowledge,  Brenda completed the NAVI Human-Bond certificate program in 2021.  Research has proven that our pets

have health benefits. So how do we survive without them?

 Together with help from Brenda or Chanda, GAPs is ready to help. 

GAPs welcomes Chanda Joy, Grief Coach

Chanda first came to GAPs as a grieving pet loss parent. She had three of her furbabies die in one year. Even though Chanda is a trained grief coach by

Compassion Understood, she needed extra support from GAPs. 

Now Chanda is a co-facilitator with Brenda Brown and helps during the bi-monthly pet loss support groups and individual sessions too.

During the day, Chanda also works at Center West Animal Hospital as a Front Desk Supervisor. Chanda utilizes her compassion and training at the vet office before, during euthanasia, and afterward to support grieving pet parents. 

 She has recently earned a new credential Elite FFCP  (Fear Free Certified Professional). 

Chanda's most important job is being a dedicated mom to her children Norman, Pancake, Thurston, Eunice, and Lucy Lu.  The picture on the right, shows Chanda enjoying the Browns game with Norman and Pancake. 


GAPs grief professionals have experienced the loss of their pets too.  Here a few of our dearest pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Meet Smokie

Brenda grew up in a house full of cats and kittens running around. Smokie was her first cat to care for as an adult. Smokie was so much fun!

Meet Elle.

Brenda adopted Elle at six years old from a breeder who was seeking a home for her. Elle lived to be 13 years old. During those seven years, Elle became a Pet Partner therapy dog and she was a huge blessing for many children at Akron Children's Hospital.

Meet Bosco

Bosco was a remarkable pet therapy dog who volunteered at Akron Children's Hospital, a local adult hospital and finally a nursing home.

During the last year of his life, Bosco had many physical challenges and had to use a cart.  Although Bosco never let anything keep him down from bringing happiness to others!