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Keeping pets in our hearts forevermore

It is so important when our pets die to hang on to some of those treasured keepsakes. Collars, dishes, toys, and more.  Some pet parents add new creations that keep their pet memory alive and bring them comfort.  

Take a look at some of these ideas below.

Keep the birthday celebrations going?

Light up your home with your pet

Consider making or ordering a unique treasure for your pet like this night light. Brianna's mom ordered this from PacSun on Facebook.

Pet glass figurines

Little Winston, a ferret, will always be close to his pet mom on the shelf. Take a look at these glass figurines on

A fairy tree and a windowpane

This mom loves to create many different art projects with her precious dog. Keke. 

Her home is full of Keke beautiful artwork on every wall and table.

Lighting the way to heaven

A loving pet mom made a rainbow bridge for her beloved dog, Brianna, with solar lanterns. It's so pretty at night time.
She placed a statue of St. Francis of Assisi to represent her Catholic faith and symbolize how blessed she was by her furbaby who died. The pool of water, sand, rocks and solar lights symbolize her happy place being at the beach.  

Put tags or collars on your car mirror

How about this idea to keep you safe during your travels?

This pet mom put her two cat tags on her car mirror so 
Archie and Mr. Cubbs are with her always.

Start scrapbooks early!

This pet mom started the book when her dog, Taarna, 

was a puppy.

The book continued growing throughout her life. Now that Taarna is over the rainbow bridge, she is so glad she did this project and wrapped it up with this special collar and tags.

Artist portraits of our pets

Many pet parents love to have their pets artistically drawn or painted by artists. Often these special creations become a permanent display in homes or offices for a lifetime.  These special pictures (Baloo, Gunner, and Kosar) mean so much to their pet parents and they love sharing them with family and friends. Special jewelry made with your pet's ashes is pretty amazing too. Check out this website: 

Create a remembrance shelf 

One of our pet parents honors her beloved pet, Baloo, with a remembrance shelf in her home. She uses pictures, plaques, books, and other symbolic items. Check out these ideas:

Pet memorial tattoo

Tattoo's with your pet's name, paw print or picture can keep your furbaby with you always. 

Pet Blankets

Blankets are such a comfort for grieving pet owners of any age. This blanket is Gunner. His mom loves snuggling up with her Gunner blanket whenever she misses him during the day or night.

Stuffed animal look-a-likes

Cuddle Clones makes all kinds of different products that resemble your precious pet. 

Their stuffed animals are very life like and the fur is amazing. Check them out. 

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