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Keeping pets in our hearts forevermore

It is so important when our pets die to hang on to those treasured keepsakes that remind us of them. Collars, dishes, toys, and more.  Also it is comforting to add new items that represent your special furbaby.  (Blankets, pictures, paintings,  stuffed animals, etc.).

If you have any pet memory ideas that you'd like to share,

please send them to: [email protected]

Thank you!

Treasured Artistic Creations

Many pet parents love to have their pets artistically drawn or painted by artists. Often these special creations become a permanent display in homes or offices for a lifetime.  These special pictures mean so much to pet parents who enjoy sharing their memories with family and friends. Special jewelry made with your pet's ashes is pretty amazing too. Check out this website: 

Create a remembrance shelf 

One of our pet parent's honors her beloved pet with a remembrance shelf in her home. She uses pictures, plaques, books, and other symbolic items. Check out these ideas:

Pet memorial tattoo

Tattoo's with your pet's name, paw print or picture can keep your furbaby with you always. 

Pet Blankets

Blankets are such a comfort for grieving pet owners of  any age. Wrapping up with your cozy blanket at night time or even during the day can be so comforting when you are grieving and missing your furbaby so much.

Stuffed animal look-a-likes

Cuddle Clones makes all kinds of different products that resemble your precious pet. 

Their stuffed animals are very life like and the fur is amazing. Check them out. 

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