Keeping pets in our hearts forevermore

It is so important when our pets die to hang on to those treasured keepsakes that remind us of them. Collars, dishes, blankets and more. 

GAPs will be periodically posting remembrance products you can buy or make yourself.

Create a remembrance shelf 

One of our pet parent's honors her beloved pet with a remembrance shelf in her home. She uses pictures, plaques, books, and other symbolic items. 

Pet memorial tattoo

Tattoo's with your pet's name, paw print or picture can keep your furbaby with you always. One of our pet parent's in group had this amazing tattoo done on her arm. 

Check out Cuddle Clones for a look-a-like pet product

It can be very comforting to hug one of these Cuddle Clones that looks very similar to your deceased pet. Especially at nighttime when you miss sleeping with your precious furbaby.

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